About us

Who we are

Outreach-Child Support is a project run by Jeevana Samridhi Trust (Reg.No.409/2006). An initiative of a number of visionary professionals, this public charitable trust constituted in India, was formed in response to the heartrending realities of suffering and deprivation, both natural and manmade. Jeevana Samridhi and its social support network Outreach awakens many to the situations of suffering and deprivation, and opens up channels of solidarity and support to extremely needy sections of the society, without any considerations of caste or creed.
Our targeted beneficiaries are school students of families from extremely poor background and who are in need of a helping hand. Unlike mass support projects, we do a case by case verification (through volunteers) of each request before confirming the support. Thus we ensure that the contributions will be channelled and used in a proper manner.
Our Vision
Through project Outreach – Child Support, we aim at the holistic development of a child and his/her family by building up a better society. The child being the future support of the family, and the family being the basic unit of a society, supporting the child will create a ripple effect in the community. We at Child Support believe that education is the most empowering aspect of an individual which will equip a child to contribute positively to the community as well as to the nation.
Outreach – Child Support is the positive response of a group of young people, to the dire needs of the society. It is the evolution of an idea that was first conceived in their hearts soon after the Gujarat earthquake in India in 2001 and which continued to take shape following the Tsunami catastrophe of 2004. These youth responded to both disasters by organizing various relief and support programmes, the prime target of which were the children of affected families.
Outreach-Child Support is a project run by Jeevana Samridhi Trust. Jeevana Samridhi Trust is registered (Reg.No.409/2006) as a public charitable trust under the charitable trust act of India.

Child Education
Education is vital to bringing about a lasting positive change in children’s lives, empowering and equipping them for a bright future. It is therefore, a basic right of every child. It is with this belief that we are supporting the education of children deprived of this basic right. We will constantly monitor their progress in education and will provide mentors as required.
Summer camps
We are planning to hold summer camps for the children benefiting from the Child Support project. The camps will be designed keeping in mind the holistic development of the children.
We will appoint suitable mentors for each child/family and help them in their overall development.

The project is envisaged for supporting poor students in South Asia. Presently we have started of in the southern part of India and later we plan to spread to the whole of India and South Asia